Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bitching about the Perfect Weather & My Current Obsession in Vintage Blue

I love and hate Hong Kong's weather at this point. The temperature is crawling up to the max of 23-25C, which is believed to be the perfect temperature for human beings to function comfortably...and yet there's something I hate. I hate knowing that winter is over...and the scorching heat of summer will soon arrive...and I won't be able to wear my boots, tights, coats and scarves anymore (except in sub zero, frigidly cold, air conditioned buildings)...and I am not ready for tank tops and bathing suits. Winter, I am so gonna miss you.

This piece is one of my favorite vintage finds from my recent trip to Jakarta. I love the sharp color, the pattern-less fabric, the seams down the bodice, the gold button accents and the huge sleeves. It didn't need no alternation, it's just perfect for me.

I've previously mentioned some stupid games which caught my attention (there are not many)...and I can't believe I am back at being obsessed with tetris, which sous chef has kindly installed in my new Nokia E51.

It's addictive! Check out my expression reflected on the phone's screen. It ain't pretty and if you noticed the vertical block stuck in the middle of the screen....things were about to get uglier. HAHA!

The camera distracted me (Yeah. It is always someone else's fault when the game's over)

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