Friday, February 6, 2009

Spring Batik

It's spring and I am in the mood for colors. So I put on my pastel batik top, no jacket is needed for this 18-22C weather, just a sweet pink pashmina. I really need to belt this empire waisted top, as once I took the belt off (after lunch), the office tea lady immediately asked if I were pregnant (believe me, it is no fun). It's a small casual Friday at work, so I got to wear my jeans. The Chinese inspired shoes made the whole outfit all me. Indonesian and Chinese. The colors echo those of my top and my belt and bag.

One of the reasons I wore this outfit is these blings my sous chef bought for me. Pretty pink, eh?

Top = Batik top from Mal Ambassador, Jakarta, Indonesia
Belt = Brown stretchy belt from H&M
Jeans = from Plasa Senayan, Jakarta
Scarf = baby pink pashmina from Ladies Market, Mongkok
Shoes = a gift from my sis
Bag = brown sling bag from H&M, Christmas gift from Sir A

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