Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine - What's It to Ya?

I wrote about a rather materialistic Valentine and the importance of flowers on Valentine's day last year, and this year, there were things who made me wonder what Valentine means to Hong Kongers.

A rough summary of what's found on a local online forum:
Topic: Valentine's Day Bouquet Delivery
A: Live Valentine's Flower Delivery Report from my office: None received yet
B: Yes. Same here. The girls seem to be really low profile this year
C: How come? My office is full of flowers. Non stop flower deliveries
B: None here. Not even a bunch of broccoli in sight (broccoli in Cantonese = sai lan fa = it has the word "flower" in it)
D: I am opening a pack of peanuts, let's see which girl will receive (flowers) first
D: Ah ha! One delivery just arrived! going to monitor status of recipient (drama drama drama)

Important: Today is NOT the V day yet! It is Friday the 13th, Feb 2009. The Valentine's day is TOMORROW!!!

Why are the bouquets being delivered today??? Why not tomorrow?
- Cheaper than delivery on 14th?
- Sender actually doesn't know when exactly is Valentine's Day and just follow girlfriend's instructions?
- No point receiving flowers if nobody sees them and get really really jealous?

To me, Valentine's day is...
- the day I can laugh at everybody's extravagant dinner/gift/flowers plans
- the day I can get jealous of other girls' bouquet of flowers although I won't show it
- the day I use the word "unnecessary" as an excuse for not planning anything special, when the real reason is laziness and lack of ideas
- the day I say romance is silly while secretly hoping for it
- the day I can blame sous chef for listening to me and not planning anything


amor said...

lol! very good observation.

To where I work (and reside), is the utter opposite. Boys receive chocolates/flowers/gifts from girls. But here's the trick: a month after (Mar 14), the roles switch.

Weird huh? Only here.

Jin Hooi said...

haha.. I love the last bit .. Hubby did the same thing last year and he ended up with an upset wife and had dinner @ KFC ..;-))) Happy Valentine day baby !!!