Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crazy Shopping - My Loot from Argyle Center

Last Friday, I had a day off (woohooo!) and had a fantastic gals-day-out with twitter gal pal, @sporbo

We went to watch Eclipse (uh huh, this preggo auntie enjoys watching underage teenage hot vampires/werewolves ^_^), had a nice steak lunch and conquered Langham place and Argyle Center.

Here's my loot:
A couple of el-cheapo comfy, roomy cotton tees...
Crazy Shopping - Argyle Centre
A couple of summer dresses/blouses...
@sporbo and I both bought exactly the same (below) items.
We'll have to notify each other not to wear the same when we're out together :D
Crazy Shopping - Argyle Centre
The right one's too tight for me on the chest...it'll probably fit better later after I lost my baby weight. Hmm, or should I give it away?

Next, I went crazy and bought 3 cardigans...
Crazy Shopping - Argyle Centre
...I have a thing for small cardis T_T
Lace, embroidery...sweet pinks and whites...I LOVE THEM!

@sporbo and I both bought below maxi dress...she got a red-orange version and I bought this green-blue one. This fits me and my bump beautifully!
Crazy Shopping - Argyle Centre
...and they're not expensive.
The price of the above items ranges from HK$39 to HK$69.

What a loot!

Too bad I didn't have time to hide all of my new purchases before SC got home. He demanded that I try each piece in front of him for "evaluation"...and I have been listening to him singing songs about my crazy shopping day until now...

...and guess which item SC insisted on trying? ;)


Mrs Ergül said...

omg! I love the maxi dress! Is it from Maple?? hehe I love maple!

I guess SC wants to try the first item you showed?

Sue said...

love the cardigans.so cute

YDW said...

OMG!! I LOVE the white dress with floral embroideries (or prints??)!!!! and also the white blouse!! or is it a jumpsuit? :D btw congrats for the baby boy!!!!

Shirley said...

oh.... i have a thing for cardigans too!! and i love all three cardigans of yours!! good buy!!