Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beat the Heat - Cooling Body Powder

Talcum Powder
Love summer...the bright sunlight even after work...the blue sky...pretty colors and dresses...but...the heat! Oh, the heat!

I sweat all the time, especially now that I'm having a-bun-in-the-oven, I feel hotter than ever (but not in a good way ^_^'). I sweat walking from MTR station to the office, heck, I even sweat standing still waiting for elevators!

The result? Irritated skin, highly irritable bitchy version of me :(

For the irritated skin part...I've found a handsome solution. Remember this?
Talcum Powder
My favorite body powder for summer. Prickly heat...itchy, irritated skin, excessive sweat, begone! If you're in Hong Kong, get it from a local pharmacy, it costs only HK$12 ^_^
Plus, the bottle is so so so pretty!

If you don't want the minty scent...and prefer something...prettier...
Talcum Powder
I love this classic "Two Girls" brand...again, pretty, vintage-ish bottle...with mild lavender scent, they also have this in rose. Only HK$18 from Bonjour ^_^

...with regards to the highly irritable bitchy summer personality...can't help it, it's the hormones! ^_^


Wulinarian said...

Ahhh that powder reminds me of my childhood, not the good ones tho. Itchy chicken pox....... :D

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I recently bought a bottle of Two Girls Florida Water with a nice lavender bergamot scent. I was going to ask you about it too! I liked the scent but also I really liked the vintage look of the label. Have you seen/used it?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@WC I've seen the florida water but haven't tried :D i am loving the powder...there's a whole collection of two girls products here...come over and get em ;)