Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girl vs Boy

If you could choose? Would you like a baby girl or a baby boy?

I don't mind either...but I thought having a baby boy would make parents, parents in law and your partner happier...growing up in an Asian/Chinese culture and all...

Someone I know was given a luxury property when she gave birth to a boy (wow!), and I heard that some others who kept having girls were pressured by in laws to "produce" a boy or the husband will have to resort to getting a second wife *shudder*

Can you believe that it's still happening in this century?

Anyway, a boy or a girl...I don't mind and I know that SC feels the same.
When we found out that we're having a boy...we're happy. The only person who was disappointed was SC's father, he said he always wanted a girl (because he had 3 naughty boys)...aaanyway...we're all happy. A boy could play Xbox, basketball, etc etc etc with his papa, which means more shopping time for mama. Heheheh.

The thing is...
...when it comes to shopping for baby outfits...


....and the choices for baby boy? So limited!

So, one fine day...when SC and I were browsing for some baby clothes so that lil' SC won't end up naked...I couldn't help but gawk at cute baby girl outfits...ruffles, flowers, pinks, oranges, reds, patterns, cute, sweet, adorable, ADORABLES!

As I smiled at a cute a ruffled pink overall that says "Daddy's girl", the sales lady approached me and asked "Ahhhh! You're having a baby girl!"
Me:....*face turned violent red*....*cough cough* no...I'm having a boy
Sales lady: (!!!) But...oh...I thought...because you were happily checking out baby girl clothes...
Me: ....*face turned deep purple*...I know I know...but these are too cute!
Sales lady: *knowing smile, changed topic (thank God)* ...it looks like you're almost due...well, enjoy browsing...
Me: ....*embarrassed smile, slowly drifting to the exit*...

I guess this is why some of my friends are dying to have baby girls...it's for the shopaholic mama :D

Baby outfit makers, can you please make more adorable baby boy outfits? What? You don't want my money? :D


LyddieGal said...

Hehe, I've definitely heard of mothers dressing their baby boys in girls outfits - I guess they just need to satisfy that desire to buy cute baby clothes!!

I don't know what I'd want if I got to choose, probably a girl, if for no other reason than the shopping!

Chic on the Cheap

Wulinarian said...

Hahaha that was what happened to me with the 1st pregnancy. We even bought one cute dress just to see how it'd look like on our baby boy. Well still extremely happy with the cute little boy tho :) as long as the baby's healthy right?

Watch out tho, boys are more clingy and mommy-oriented. Depends on my experience only of course. He would rather cuddle with me than play rough with his daddy.

Pei Lin said...

You are damn right about this! Baby girls outfits are in abundance but boys dont get much!

Jackie said...

Oh boy, I have a present to send to you lady... but you're right, it is a nightmare trying to find cute things for boys! I say it every day when I'm working in the shop... ;)

Jax x

Ashley said...

Look at what my friend has made for boys!! :) You should look into getting something from her ;)