Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dog Person/Cat Person?

You might not be a dog person...
But look at them eyes! That face!
Dog Dog Dog could our heart not melt?

Meet SC's lil bro's dogs, Yung-yung (the dodgy white male "maltese"?) and Ah Yee (the naughty brown toy poodle girl below)
Dog Dog Dog
Ah Yee is super smart, freakishly human-like, charming and ladylike, although she gets very very bitchy these days; while Yung-Yung is the little silly happy camper of the house.
Dog Dog Dog
I always make sure that I wear longish pants when I visit them, as they'd scratch the heck outta your legs once you come through the door.

Ah Yee's other hobby is...
Dog Dog Dog
Manhandling (or doghandling?) people. Look at what she did to SC...

Ah Yee...
Dog Dog Dog
Could you get your paws area?

What d'ya want?
Dog Dog Dog

She always wants a kiss....
Dog Dog Dog
...and yes.
On. The. Lips.

SC is more of a cat person...but he doesn't mind some occasional dog affection.
Do I look like a dog person or a cat person?


Robin said...

Definitely a dog person. These pictures are super cute. I wish I was dating someone handy with a camera so I could have as many great shots of myself as SC has!

Pei Lin said...

Oh my god! I love that shirt on SC! The shirt not the man! haha!

Erm, hubby is a 90% cat person and I'm simply not a pet person! They just scare the hell out of me. I am sorry I feel this way....

I think you are a cat person too!! haha

Ashley said...

I am a dog person ALL THE WAY!!!!

LyddieGal said...

They are sooooo cute! I love them!

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