Sunday, July 4, 2010

Saikung Fashion Sightings

It was a glorious day in Saikung, summer heat, blue sky, and all...
What did we see? Fashion wise...
Apart from the normal tank tops, shorts, flip flops and bathing suits...
The ultimate look was...
Camouflage :D
The ultimate accessory? Huge ass lenses!

The preferred skin color?
Hi, Mr Orange
Golden delicious or orange? ;)

Another fetching accessory?
Doggilicious Saikung
Not the aviator shades, but cute doggies, preferably in a cute carriage :D

What we found a bit not heat-friendly...
Boy leggings :D
SC wants 'em bad bad bad...

What do you think?
Yay or nay?


Jackie said...

Oh boy. Tell SC boy leggings = bad, bad, bad!

I spotted lots of telephoto lenses at Wimbledon the other week - it was like a little game I was playing! "Spot The Paparazzi"!

Jax x

Sue said...

boys legging..nay! LOL

Mrs Ergül said...

NAY!!!!!!!!!!!! That guy looks like he is trying to imitate women's fashion by wearing a tunic and leggings. oh gosh and he cant pull it off at all!