Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bruised Jaw, Swollen Cheeks

SC's bruised and swollen...it looks as if someone has given him one heck of an upper cut.
Ahhh...it does kinda remind us of our younger days...when boys were still boys...and "let's take this outside" is a solution to almost everything :)

What happened to him?
He just had his wisdom teeth retracted :D
Normally, dentists would recommend that we take out one side of upper and lower wisdom teeth, leaving one side in tact for chewing.

Being an arrogant a smart ass that he is, SC rejected this idea when he had his upper wisdom teeth taken out. He said because it was too expensive to remove the lower ones, so, a few years ago, he removed both sides of the upper ones. He suffered then, and he suffers again now.

He had been having multiple inflammation due to the lower wisdom teeth and decided to have them taken out. Not one side, but both. Classic SC. After the 2 hours of intense, drilling, poking, cutting of bones etc etc etc (yeah that didn't sound fun), the real "fun" begins. He was advised to eat soft/liquid meals (congee, milk, juice, ice cream...) and he did.

Only for the night after surgery. He ate a pork chop the next day and ended up with bleeding gum and swollen cheeks. That's my DIY ice pack (ice cubes in sandwich bag, wrapped in towel, secured with rubber band)...the ice pack didn't make things better, he developed the bruise the next day. If cold didn't help, try heat. He boiled an egg, wrapped it with towel and rub it on the bruised part to reduce the bruising. It works. The bruise is red instead of blue black today.

But I think he was secretly happy about the bruise. It probably makes him feel very manly and cool :p


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wow! What a disaster from wisdom tooth extraction! Hope he gets well soon!