Monday, July 19, 2010

Crib & Stroller for Lil' SC

Crib & Stroller Delivery
Finally! Lil' SC gets more stuff! He won't be sleeping on the sofa and travel in a shopping basket :D

Based on a good friend's recommendation, we got this travel crib from Toys 'R Us on sale :D
Crib & Stroller Delivery
It could be a bassinet, the mattress could be lower then lil' SC is bigger, and there's a changing station on it too! We've rearranged our furniture to make room for lil' SC and our helper, more updates on this later...and no, we don't plan to put lil' SC in the living room or kitchen :D

The crib could be packed into this tiny thing...and no one's happier to play than the big SC.
Crib & Stroller Delivery

Big SC never has interest in dressing up lil' SC. Lil' SC can grow up in only diaper and singlets if possible...but stroller? Stroller is verrrryyy important for the father (to play).
Crib & Stroller Delivery
Is it light? check! Does it turn 360 degree? Yes! Does the handle flip from one side to another? Yup! Does it fold and open easily? Ya ha~!
Is the color pretty? (SC sez: Who the heck cares!)

Look how happy he is playing with the stroller's "features"...our first Harrods kitten was abused to the max to model for SC...
Crib & Stroller Delivery
...and SC's dancing with joy, loving his foldable crib and his cool stroller...

I'll work on making sure lil' SC won't be growing up naked :D
That's what moms are for ;)


Lidia Sianturi said...

Rit, nek pengalamanku, anak2ku ga bs tidur d crib/playpen gitu lama...palingan mung 2bl itu..talking bout night time sleep loh ya. Abis itu pake crib yg kayu plus bermatras. Tp jo kuwatir, pas wis iso ngadek, kuwi kanggo playpen.

Pei Lin said...

great matching set!! I am sure little SC will feel comfortable in those!

Wulinarian said...

The travel crib doesn't work really well for sleeping once the baby gets bigger.. only lasted my 1st son for 3 months then the mattress kinda sunk on him. Learned it the hard way. We had to rush to get a real crib and assemble it in 2 hours because of that. Love the color tho (brown is my fave color). :)

LyddieGal said...

Sleek stroller, I bet you can't wait to be pushing it around!!

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