Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Marcus wearing H&M Shirt, Tie & Batik Pants

How did baby Marcus wear his tie?
Baby Marcus wearing Tie & Batik
with a bright H&M shirt...polka dotted uniqlo onesie...

Baby Marcus wearing Tie & Batik
...and comfy batik pants and shoe-like socks

Baby Marcus wearing Tie & Batik
...and naughty expression...

...of course, he wouldn't wear his tie for long ;)
Baby Marcus wearing Tie & Batik

This is not a nice way to wear the tie, but mama just wanted to share baby Marcus' sharp stare :D
Baby Marcus wearing Tie

...and another naughty face ;)
Baby Marcus


Lidia Sianturi said...

bar potong rambut po Rit si Marcus?

Upik said...

I just had a bad day but seeing Marcus' cute pics lightened up my mood. He is such a lovely boy :)

sydneylyn said...

so cute... ^.^ He is becoming more and more handsome every time! ^.^

Daniel Cheung said...

Tooo cute!!! At 1, he's already a fashionista! Just like his Mum. :)