Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally I Found A Striped Tee!

5 Mar 2011
I've been looking for a striped tee for the longest time! You might wanna laugh at me because you thought that it's something so simple. But, seriously. I had a super hard time finding one with the right stripes, shape, colors and all.

Do you have a stripey tee/top? Show me yours!

This one's from H&M, it's long enough to be tucked into bottoms perfectly, and it looks fantastic with a bit of red and leopard. Wore this bringing baby Marcus to doctor (he's well, his skin is just a bit dry. SC was just not taking any chances and got it checked by a doc anyway) and a nice Indonesian lunch to celebrate my helper's birthday.

H&M stripey tee, no brand cardi, no brand leopard scarf, no brand belt and pants from maple, pansy shoes from citistore

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Mrs Ergül said...

I like this top too! I like the combo in fact! Good job there! And how is it that you house has got so much light! Mine is dark and gloom. sigh!