Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stripes & Birds

20 March 2011
I really need help with scarves. I don't know how to wear them gracefully, I am definitely not one of those people who can just casually drape a huge scarf on and look effortlessly chic. Miss Chubby Chic, who always looks fabulous in her 1001 scarves taught me a few tricks when she was in town, all of which were instantly forgotten. Oppps.

20 March 2011
But I had to put on a scarf today, I need my neck to stay warm. Pardon my less than perfect draping please. The oversized sweater was purchased when I still had a bun in the oven. Today, it was pulled put from the depth of my wardrobe, almost forgotten. So glad I've found it. It's so roomy and comfy!

20 March 2011
A touch of belt to let people know that I am not expecting another baby...yet.

H&M sweater and scarf, Uniqlo tights, Oxbridge Town ankle boots, unbranded belt from Maple


Pei Lin said...

I like this outfit! Love the sweater and scarf! I too can't drape shawls / scarfs prettily so I just drape them whichever way it won't come apart.

Connie said...

i get inspiration from here!

or for silk scarves: