Thursday, March 10, 2011

Newly Thrifted Dress

10 March 2011
Not liking myself coughing like mad non stop.
Liking my unbranded bow cream belt.
Not liking bad hair day (SC booked our stylist this Saturday, obviously he can't stand my daily bad hair).
Not liking how this outfit too Christmassy for spring.
Liking my newly thrifted dress.
Not liking how I've missed some buttons.

10 March 2011
Obviously liking this Chapter7 jacket a little too much.

Muji turtleneck tee, thrifted dress (HK$30something), Chapter7 jacket, unbranded bow belt from maple, muji socks, mark & spencer's shoes


The Collar of the Dove said...

Rita, love your dress and hair!

Anonymous said...

Hello Rita,

For you cough, if you coughing day & night, try with durian, a bit at a time. Not too much. I try a few times after a long coughing period and after a lot of syrup, it work!
You can find easily the best durian in HK!