Monday, March 28, 2011

3D Nail Stickers - Pretty & Easy!

Nail Stickers
El-cheapo, easy to put on & super cool 3D nail decor stickers. Excellent for last minute nail embellishment. Just stick them on colored nails with the help of a humble ol' tweezer and finish with top coat. Ideal for girls' night out/outings, because SC told me that most boys hate embellished nails. Oppps. Really?

Nail Stickers
They don't last so long, but it's fun to have something dainty and pretty for a couple of days. I take them off immediately after a day, since I have to prepare baby Marcus' food and I don't want him chewing on pieces of jewels with his congee ^_^'

If you like this and you're based in Hong Kong, these stickers can be purchased easily from Sasa etc. This one cost HK$25 per set.
My nail color and top coat are from Revlon.

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