Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some Outfits

Today's outfit I wear to work, another thrifted find!
15 March 2011
I love how it fits, it's roomy but still flattering when cinched at the waist, and I don't know what's with me and berry shades, I paired this with berry shades again (the shoes and the bag - ouch, the bag isn't in the picture, but it's the monki bag I've been wearing these last few days)
thrifted dress, H&M belt, baleno socks, M&S shoes

And here are some outfits that I've not been posting (lazy me)...
14 March 2011
Maybe a bit too matchy matchy?
unbranded top, unbranded belt, G2000 suit jacket, H&M maternity pants, wanko shoes, baleno socks 

13 March 2011
A trip to the park when baby Marcus turned 6 months last Sunday. He was being a Mr. Cranky pants, he just wanted his nap.

On me: H&M men’s tee, unbranded cardi, unbranded pants from maple outlet, baleno socks, pansy shoes, monki bag and shades
On baby Marcus: H&M shirt and pants, unbranded elmo tee from grandma, jazzy toes socks

12 March 2011
What I wore to have my hair done last Saturday.

H&M tee, Unbranded top, monki skirt & bag, Unbranded belt, muji socks, pansy shoes


Pei Lin said...

Love the new thrifted dress with the new hairdo! But I'm not so funky so I will just pair it with heels for the typical OL look haha

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks lovely! I especially love the way it fits with your first outfit(the dress). My second fave is the black and purple.

Sophie ala Mode said...

The hairstyle looks really great on you and I really like the top that you wear with the suit. It's so lovely.

gastronomous anonymous said...

LOVE the thrifted dress and new hair door! HOT MAMA!!!!!