Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help! There are Birds on My Top!

17 March 2011
Heheheh, sorry for being too much of a drama queen. My sister, miss chubby chic, who normally is supportive of me buying anything I liked, tried to stop me from getting this top from the thrift store. It's too surreal. She was not convinced that I could pull it off. She is right. I can't give this top an edge. I can only wear it the same way I always wear my outfits. Belted with skirt. Boohoo. Opps. Sorry for not being so creative.

Oh, and this is my hair without any hair product whatsoever. It is still huge and it is still curly. I love how low maintenance it is so far ^_^

Thrifted top, Cotton On skirt, H&M belt, Uniqlo tights and Vincci shoes

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dewi said...

not bad at all...