Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Marcus Doesn't Like His Bottle

My super naughty 6 months old boy doesn't like his bottle.
He'd be crying and screaming bloody murder because he's hungry, but once we'd taken a few suckling out of his milk bottle (normally not even 1 oz), he'd be crying, kicking his legs in the air, throwing his head back, arms flailing everywhere, screaming bloody murder, refusing to drink his milk.
Some less than 6 months old babies, even some newborns with super healthy appetite can drink more than 5 oz (150ml) of milk already. But baby Marcus, unlike his parents (who has giant appetite), struggles to finish 5 oz. He drinks less and less. These days, it's a huge struggle to get him to drink even a mere 2 oz T_T
Mama and papa were at their wit's end.
Papa suggested that he might hate his new formula (which is 6 months up formula, baby Marcus is not a newborn anymore ^_^), I decided to test spoon feeding him his milk to see if the milk was the problem.

Clearly, it was not.
He happily "ate" his milk, my silly son...
He's started eating some solids, like congee + carrot + chicken or congee + hairy melon + cat fish which is then pureed to oblivion.
He might be bored of his milk and bottle. I could always add his formula and mix it into his congee, but he needs to liquid, especially right after his 6 months vaccination.
What else can I do, mommies?

PS. That's my Zara floral pants in the video. I learnt this "feeding pose" from SC's mom. My legs are on stand by in case baby Marcus plans to grab the bowl and pour congee all over the place.


Ashton's & Adeline's mummy said...

U can add some brown rice cereal or normal cereal into his milk & spoon feed him. It's normal for baby goes for milk strike. ;)

Chris said...

Not sure if the sucking might be causing discomfort with teething. The negative pressure generated in the mouth may irritate sore/sensitive gums. Try the bottle again in a few days to see if he will take it. Maybe invest in a sippy cup. Spoon-feeding is such a pain and also the baby ingests quite a bit of air as well. Do give him a good burp after. Formula or breast milk is vital for the first 12 mths of life. And I hope no one out there is still of the opinion that formula is better than breast milk.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@Ashton & Adeline's mummy, thanks for the idea, I've tried a bit of this, but I worried that he might not have enough liquid intake...that's why I tried spoon feeding him his milk...

@chris Teething could be the cause. His lower teeth have erupted, this time it's probably the upper ones. Breast milk is surely the best, but I have no more T_T We've bought a sippy cup and he could not manage his first attempt, will keep trying.

Ashton's & Adeline's mummy said...

Maybe put less cereal & more liquid. I think can give him a bit of other liquid like juices or purée. Apple is the safest fruit to try.