Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Marcus & Baby SC 兒時拾趣

Baby Crying
The other day, curious baby Marcus explored his high chair a little too much, he got stuck with his leg up. He was trapped, couldn't get back to sitting position. He cried and screamed bloody murder. Being a bad mama that I am, I just had to prolong his misery a second longer and took this shot, because this scene reminded me so much of another scene...
有日傲B玩野, 係張BB櫈上面攪攪震表演雜技, 點知攪攪吓棘住左唔郁得. 咁傲B就出絕招啦, 就係狂喊同大叫..但係作為一個"壞"媽媽, 我攞起嘅唔係傲B, 而係相機..LOL...見佢咁攪法, 唔影真係哂晒 XDD

...a crying baby SC.
There's an ongoing debate on whether baby Marcus looks more like SC or me.

Baby SC
But look at those two pictures. The same crying face!
Heheheh...or maybe all babies have the same crying face?
但係一比較哩張相就知啦, 一樣樣㗎!


shellie said...

This is very entertaining.I am glad im not the mama who thinks their crying baby is hilarious!

Ashley said...

haha, DEFINITELY the same crying face!!

shellie said...

im glad im not the only one...maybe i cold type right for a change?

Mrs Ergül said...

It looks like one same baby with photos taken in two different eras. :)