Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Marcus & the Doggies

Baby Marcus & the Dogs
I remember baby Marcus' first encounter with his uncle's dogs. The dogs sniffed him endlessly and he didn't seem to mind. The dogs were potentially more afraid of him, they were probably imagining a future little brat who's gonna ride them, pull their fur, ears, tail, and poke their eyes.

Later on, they seemed to find peace with each other, they even slept together in one bed with grandma.
Baby Marcus & the Dogs
A big happy family :)

But recently, baby Marcus starts to be more aware of his surroundings and he also starts to recognize faces. He cries when strangers tried to carry him...and the dogs...
Baby Marcus & the Dogs
What are those giant furry beasts that get to eat all the food?
Baby Marcus & the Dogs
He wanted to touch them...
Baby Marcus & the Dogs
But he is scared of them at the same time.
Baby Marcus & the Dogs
We plan to let him play with the dogs more often to get to know them better, they're cousins after all :)


Pei Lin said...

It is good to expose Marcus to animals while he is young. I grew up fearing furry animals and I still am. It is such a pain that I have to shun them whenever our paths cross.

celine said...

cousins!!! i like that. i love your sense of humour, Rita. :) BTW Marcus had grown quite a bit, huh? xoxo

kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

AHHH so cute!!!!!!! I can't handle it! said...

Awesome, awesome, photos of the family, flowers and the fun times you are having!