Friday, April 1, 2011

Cute Mothercare Fruity Bibs for Baby Marcus

Look at these cuties!
Baby Marcus - New Mothercare Bibs
How adorable!

Baby Marcus has started eating congee and pureed food...and he surely spills.
Baby Marcus - New Mothercare Bibs
This is why we need lots of bibs. Cute ones.
That's mama's excuse for shopping, and she's sticking to it.

Baby Marcus - New Mothercare Bibs
The front face is made of comfy cotton, so we can use them to wipe some spillage off baby Marcus' face.
Baby Marcus - New Mothercare Bibs
And the bottom is waterproof, so that we won't wet baby Marcus' clothes.
HK$110 for 5 adorable bibs ;)

While we were taking pictures, papa placed baby Marcus on our chair (supervised).
Baby Marcus - New Mothercare Bibs
He seemed to be excited at first...

...then he realized that it wasn't his chair...he got a bit scared and started "complaining".
Baby Marcus - New Mothercare Bibs

At least he knew how to hold on to the chair tight.
Baby Marcus - New Mothercare Bibs
Look at those little baby hands ;)


shellie said...

cute bibs....very very nice so jealous....and cute daughter asked who is that cute boy?

Crystal said...

Smart baby! Knows how to hold on!

Those bibs are really cute. I think I had a Care Bears bib when I was a baby. :P

Mrs Ergül said...

Marcus is a clever boy!!! My nephew has got some really cool look CK baby bibs but they never got around to using them. so they are still brand new in storage.... what a waste!

Mimi said...

LOVE those bibs, they are so lovely!
What a gorgeous little baby you have!

Ashley said...

those are the cutest bibs I have ever seen! Marcus is pretty cute too ;)