Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bossini X Smurf Tee - I Love Me & Thrifted Shirt & Denim Skirt

Bossini X Smurf Tee, Thrifted Vintage Shirt & Denim skirt
Wore my favorite Bossini X Smurf tee my favorite way last Friday, with a thrifted shirt underneath and a denim skirt. It's all creams, blues and reds that day. So many people were staring as I walked down the street hanging out in Causeway Bay that day. I am sure it wasn't because I looked extra fab, they were probably disgusted at how narcissistic the statement on my tee is ^_^'

Bossini X Smurf tee, thrifted shirt, monki denim skirt, H&M bag


Mrs Ergül said...

I love that thrifted shirt underneath the smurf tee!

Sarah said...

Where do you buy thrifted clothes, Rita?

Unknown said...

@Sarah those alleys around Fa Yuen St Market, Prince Edward or Ladies Market Mongkok ;)