Monday, April 11, 2011

H&M Fishing Hat for Baby Marcus

Baby Marcus' New Hat & Smurf Tee
Summer is almost here and we (I)'ve bought a couple of hats for baby Marcus. This one's our (my) latest purchase and my absolute favorite! I always thought that fishing hats make baby Marcus look like a girl (Sometimes strangers still asked if he's a girl or call him "mui mui". Aiya!), but this one's just perfect for him. A fishing hat that doesn't make him look too girly.

Baby Marcus' New Hat & Smurf Tee
I can keep the brim down when we need the shade, or lift any side up to look more stylish.
PS. I also love the white with navy logo. Very summer chic!

HK$39.90 from H&M, he wore it with Uniqlo polka dot onesie, Bossini X Smurf Tee, H&M red pants & Jazzy Toes socks (opps, not in the picture...)

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Pei Lin said...

I love it too! the colours go very nicely together! Too bad my nephew yanks everything we put on his head out!