Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Bee at Victoria Peak 肥蜂上樹圖

Baby Marcus Trip to Victoria Peak
Easter Sunday, we brought baby Marcus up to the Peak. Actually mama planned to just go up, buy some food, have a picnic, take some pictures and be done with it. But grandma had a different idea, so we ended up...(gasp!) going for a hike! Hiking with a baby + heavy diaper bag + a huge ass DSLR camera? Aiyo! And we didn't bring a stroller... T_T
復活節假期帶左傲B去山頂行山. 原本係諗住野餐, 坐低食吓野, 影吓相, 同陽光玩吓遊戲就返師回朝. 點知嫲嫲竟然無啦啦想行山!?!?!!?...最後, 我地係冇帶BB車, 著住人字施, 帶住部Canon 7D (重過啞鈴) 既情況下, 開始左我地既旅程....

Baby Marcus Trip to Victoria Peak
But luckily the trail is very pleasant, there's no steep climbs, it's pretty much flat throughout and very well shaded. We'd highly recommend this trail for those with babies/pets. The trail starts right by the Peak lookout restaurant.
好既係條路都唔係好多上斜落斜, 如果大家都想放吓狗同BB行吓山, 哩條徑OK好行的(記住帶BB車...)

Baby Marcus Trip to Victoria Peak
Baby Marcus had a good time, kicking out his legs with glee, munching on his carrier and looking around everywhere...mama, papa and grandma took turns carrying him.
傲B就當然開心了...唔使自己行...開心到係揹帶度跳跳吓, 爸爸媽媽同嫲嫲就輪流揹佢...

When we got to a rest place...we released the little bee to chase after flowers.
Baby Marcus Trip to Victoria Peak
Honey to the bee...buzz buzz buzz...
化身為小蜜蜂既傲B, 一見到花就變成辣手催花既蜜蜂...

He made some friends...
Baby Marcus Trip to Victoria Peak

and "climbed" a tree.
Baby Marcus Trip to Victoria Peak
Actually grandma and papa put him up there. It was papa's idea.
Papa, bees don't climb trees la!

After lunch, we planned to enjoy the view of Hong Kong harbour...
食左D野, 終於有力行吓, 影吓相..
Baby Marcus Trip to Victoria Peak

It was a beautiful sunny day and the view was at its best!
個日個天好清, 影到好遠
Baby Marcus Trip to Victoria Peak

Did baby Marcus enjoy the view?
對傲B黎講, 係佢既夢裏面見到既仲靚啦..
Baby Marcus Trip to Victoria Peak
You bet he did.
By sleeping through it ^_^'


sydneylyn said...

Wow! What a great way to spend the Easter Sunday! :) But I think it was very tiring for yo guys! :) Baby Marcus looks soooo adorable! :)

I will try to hike that same trail when I go back to HK. Its seems so calming and peaceful there! :)

Great post by the way! :D

Anonymous said...

Those two tall buildings at the left (in the view from peak) really spoil the view for me. It's such a pity and I guess a sign of things to come. Imagine a time when the harbour view becomes only glimpses of blue between those super buildings. Sigh..

eek said...

What a darling costume! Your boys are so cute :)

LyddieGal said...

sounds like a really fun day! i love marcus's bee costume, how adorable!

Chic on the Cheap

shellie said...

what a fun day and what a cute little bee!

Mrs Ergül said...

The outfit is absolutely cute with matching socks to boot! I love the skyline of HK from The Peak at night. How I miss it!