Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend Picnic at Hong Kong Park

We brought baby Marcus for a picnic last weekend, here are some pics from the trip.
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
He makes this face a lot lately.
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park

He sticks out his tongue, makes some pfft pfft sound while squirting some drool. 
Good boy.
I meant Marcus, not the father.

We enjoyed the view from the back terrace of Tea Museum at Hong Kong Park, fields of colorful flowers, big trees, and..
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
...ahem! skyscrapers...

Baby Marcus enjoyed playing with papa, learning how to walk a little bit...
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park

He laughed a lot...
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park

Mama did too..
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park

Posed for pictures by the flower beds...too bad he didn't get to touch them...
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
Pesticides and all...

....and before we knew it, he was knackered..
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park

,,,and fell asleep.
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park

While baby Marcus was sleeping, mama took some obligatory flower pictures...
"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park

"Picnic" at Hong Kong Park
...and papa fiddled with his iPhone uploading live-updates on Facebook.
Sometimes I think he's a much better blogger than me :)
It was a wonderful day for all of us, we can't wait to do it again!

PS. We were all wearing a tee from Bossini X Smurf Collection


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Love the photo of you laughing. He's growing up so fast!

My Life, My Child and My Food said...

Rit, beneran ga ada park at all for picnic di HK? hope things will change in the future and there will be a park for Marcus to play and visit. Cute amat Marcus..muahhh buat Marcus..

Alice said...

rit, baby Marcus lucu banget deh...
kalo ketemu bisa tak cubitin hehe...

sydneylyn said...

Wow~~ What a nice day for all of you! :) Love the pictures so much and baby Marcus just looks great ALL the time!!