Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adorably Indonesian

Is there a way to dress Indonesian, which does not involve batik?
Apparently there is. My sis bought me this super adorable sweater from a shop in Alun Alun at Grand Indonesia. They specialise in incorporating Indonesian design elements into modern apparels. Kinda pricey, but affordable when on sale.

What's so Indonesian about this sweater?

It has rabbit's ears on its hood. OK, rabbits = adorable. I get it.

It's borderline cheesy and corny, don't you think? But that's me. Corny is my middle name and my sis knows it exactly! I AM shameless enough to wear this sweater!

OK, here goes. It has a rabbit print on the a pixelized high tech kinda way. The word "terwelu", which is Javanese for rabbit is cleverly printed underneath the rabbit. Genius!!!!!

Tied a piece of lace on my hair. The lace color matches the border color of the sweater's print. I added a small plastic earring in the shape of "female" toilet sign in pink, the color duplicates that of the rabbit's inner ear.

...and I am a sucker for initials. Thus the R white plastic earring.

Top = "terwelu" rabbit sweater from Alun-alun, Grand Indonesia, a bday gift from my sis, last year
Skirt = Tiered denim skirt bought in Singapore, SGD29
Tights = Grey tights from Argyle Center, HK$29
Shoes = White "patent leather" heels from Argyle Center, HK$69
Lace ribbon = from Ki Lung St, Sham Shui Po, HK$2.5
Plastic earrings = pink female toilet sign and initial R, from Argyle Center, HK$5 for two
Bag = white quilted bag with gold chain from Argyle Center, remixed


Vonnie said...

iihhhh lucune...beli dek mana?

Anonymous said...

Love your style :) and thanks for the fashion tip.
Nice blog you have here.

Anonymous said...

love the skirt...super cute!