Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vintage Green

Not all of my snapshots are taken using DSLR camera. Some pictures are taken using my humble yet trustworthy pocket digital camera.

1. The person who helped me taking the pictures absolutely HATE my DSLR when it is used with 50mm f1.8 lens, due to its really really tiny coverage
2. Although I am practically shameless, the various people who helped me taking pictures might feel self conscious taking this shameless girl posing all over Hong Kong's public places
3. My brain power has been reduced to a microscopic size, I forgot to bring my good camera

So these pictures were taken using my pocket DC, somewhere near Legco building, Central, at lunch time (I spent 15 minutes inhaling my lunch in the office, and breezed off to do some shameless posing). Hope you won't notice that I ate too much.

I fell in love with this vintage green polka dot satin top the moment I saw it. It has puffy sleeves and pleated at the front, in my favorite shade of green.

I paired it with a full lace skirt, leaving so much room for snacks after lunch ^_^

I didn't feel like pairing elegance with more elegance. So I threw on my padded white jacket to stay warm.

So many shots were taken to get this picture right, and yet it is still not right. My smile turned sour when after the 1 gadzillion shot, I could still see the rubbish bin behind me (not visible in this picture), and the horizon was all kinds of tilted (bless Adobe photoshop the powerful photo fixer).

Top - Vintage green polka dot satin
Undershirt - black cotton turtle neck, Fa Yuen St Market, HK$39, remixed
Skirt - full black lace skirt from H&M, HK$199
Tights - black with butterfly bow pattern, remixed
Shoes - Black Scholl pumps, remixed
Belt - Black stretchy belt with gold buckle, remixed
Necklace - from H&M, remixed
Bag - from H&M, remixed
Jacket - white padded jacket from U right, HK$99

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