Friday, January 23, 2009

Supermarket Sweep

Supermarkets are my wonderland, my sanctuary, my heaven. I could spend hours browsing snacks, ingredients, products. How domestic!!! But. Whenever possible, I try to avoid buying stuff from Hong Kong's major supermarkets. Things are generally more expensive there. I prefer buying food supplies from the wet market near me, and toiletries from Bonjour.

PS. I was just posing with the cup noodles, I don't buy a lot of those (what a blatant lie)

Here's what I wore after work, before dinner, cruising Wellcome supermarket to buy a sack of rice:
- Top = White cotton top, from In Fashion, Mongkok, remixed
- Undershirt = grey cotton turtleneck tee, from Fa Yuen St Market, remixed
- Belt = Stretchy belt with jewelled buckle, from H&M, remixed
- Skirt = White brown striped cotton full skirt, from Cotton On, remixed
- Tights = fuchsia tights from Argyle Center, remixed
- Shoes = Chinese inspired ballet flats, a gift from my sis, remixed
- Necklace = Ethnic inspired necklace + pendant, from H&M, HK$59, remixed

What was in my supermarket trolley?
- 5 kg vacuum packed Japanese pearl rice
- a pack of tri color ferrero roche chocolates


Elyani said...

Rita, how did you manage to take all the outdoor photos? did you ask passerby to help you with the camera? I love you fashion are every inch a fashionista. I'm a T'shirtcjeans kind of person. I don't really dare to mix and match..but hey am too old for that.:)

Aus-Printing said...

Wonderful, Rita!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Hi, El...

I use pocket DC, and ask whoever my companion was to help me taking the pics...they generally get embarrassed due to my shameless poses in public places hehe.

I am a cheap fashionista wannabe hehe.

Oh come are not too old for anything! Rock on!