Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rockin' Leopard

Me and Xbox 360? Not the best of friends, just like what I've mentioned previously. I succkkkkkk!!!

Losing game after game got me hot.

Soon I'd be gnawing on my rock chick (borrowed) accessories and my sparkly silver, grey, gold polished nails.

I don't only borrow clothes from my sous chef. I borrow accessories too!!! HAHA!

Losing at lousy games. Not my idea of fun. Bah! Enough of this Xbox bullshit.

Top = leopard chiffon mini dress from H&M (HK$199)
Undershirt = Black cotton turtle neck tee, remixed (you should be bored of this by now)
Vest = padded vest from Argyle Center, HK$59
Belt = Metal studded black leather from Zara, HK$159
Jeans = my only pair of jeans, remixed
Necklace = red beads from Argyle Center, HK$20, so remixed
Shoes = silver peep toe shoes from Union, remixed

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