Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boys Sweater - Embracing Girliness

My sis told me that I make anything look girly. A frilly lacey frock, a harley davidson tee, an oversized sweatpants, you name it! It doesn't have to be pink, it doesn't have to be floral. Even if it is something studded with heavy metal chains, it will still look girly on me, and I dunno why. I wasn't happy about this and I used to be in a hugee state of denial, tried my best to look as "non girly" as possible...without success. No matter what I did, I still look they way I do. Girly.

Nowadays, I've come to terms with the way I look, embrace my being girly and exploited it to the highest potential. What the heck. There's nothing wrong with turning everything girly, right? I am just a girl after all.

I turned this oversized boy's sweater to something that's so me. Added layers of feminine necklaces (I learnt this from my sis), tiered chiffon skirt, pretty tights, cute and sweet heels, and there you go. The girliest of girls!

top = vintage polka dot shirt, remixed
sweater = Orange thick cotton, borrowed
necklaces = multicolor wooden necklace, Rp.10.000,- from a small stand in front of Roti Bakar Edi, Jakarta. The faux pearl is from Argyle Center and the cream beaded necklace is from H&M, remixed
Skirt = Tiered black chiffon from Zara, remixed
Tights = houndstooth patterned tights from Ladies Market, remixed
Shoes = Brown heels from Union, remixed
Bag = LV monogram canvas trouville, remixed. with a gold heart ornament, free from a Japanese magazine

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