Friday, January 9, 2009

My LBVD - Little Black Vintage Dress

Ok. It is not exactly "little". It's huge and comfy. Simply add a belt and it looks as if it fits! I love the ruffles on the sleeves and the chest. It's great for work!

Slap a nice coat and put on a colored tights. They added the badly needed accents and they keep me warm ^_^
The pictures were taken in Yaumatei train station in a peak between train arrivals. People were shooting us dirty looks. Bah! If I had a dollar for every dirty look thrown at me when taking shameless pictures in public places....I'd be able to buy those ankle boots I always wanted.

I wanna explain the jacket. It's probably my most expensive piece of clothing in these few years. It's from French Connection, it costs HK$699 (around USD89). Although I find it super expensive, I bought it because I knew I would get a good use out of a classic piece like this. The shape flatters me, I love the uniquely striking color (as always), and it is light but super warm. I just have to be careful and try not to spill on it or I will be totally broken hearted.

I commuted in my favorite black flats and change to heels in the office (I kept a few high heeled shoes at work, hope I could write about them later).

I just bought a bunch of pins from Lace, Beads and Buttons St, Sham Shui Po. They are inexpensive (around HK$12-20 each) great to jazz up my rather plain selection of clothings.

Dress = Black vintage chiffon dress, a fantastic thrift find
Belt = faux crocodile skin belt, from H&M, HK$79
Pin = Nam Cheong St, Sham Shui Po, HK$20
Tights = purple tights from Ladies Market, HK$29
Shoes = Black velvet flats from Fa Yuen St Market, HK$49
Coat = Mustard Green coat from French Connection sale, HK$699
Bag = Black tote from H&M, on sale for HK$49

My hair was shitty though...thanks to rushing to work, and I looked kinda cranky cos it took forever to get a decent shot that night. Sob.

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