Monday, January 19, 2009

Bargain Boots

Grey mocassins...aren't they cuteeee???? These are for my sis. Imagine wearing these with skinny jeans, tights...vintage dresses or mini skirts for warmer days.

Beige ones. They make my legs look like elephant's. I don't care. I'll think of something and I'm gonna wear these babies. They are for my sis too. They are both from a HK$99/any pair shop in Argyle Center, Mongkok. I wanted to buy the whole shop!!!!

"For my sis" is one of my overused tag lines when it comes to shopping. I buy them early (wayyy before going back to Indonesia), and wear them before forgetting to pack them into my luggage. Hahah! So, essentially, the phrase is just my lame excuse for more shopping! It fooled sous chef nicely, though. Try!

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Anonymous said...

ooo i love the white ones

honestly if i could i would leave a comment on every post about ur outfits but ithink that would get kinda annoying after awhile lol