Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Touches of Red

Hmmmm...what's for dinner?

Cup noodles? Nah...it won't satisfy me. Maybe for midnight snack later.

Loving my new white brown striped cotton skirt. It's comfy, flatters me, hide the parts I needed to hide, and it has two cute invisible little pockets! As usual, I love colors. You'll see a sea of blacks and greys all over Hong Kong in winter, and you'll see me in an explosion of colors still. I added touches of reds here and there.

Turtleneck tee = U2, circa 3 winters ago
Skirt = Brown and white striped cotton full skirt, from Cotton On, HK$50
Tights = grey tights, Ladies Market HK$29
Shoes = mustard green from Vincci, KL
Clutch = from H&M, HK$29
Necklaces = orange and red, from Argyle Center, HK$20 each
Earrings = from Argyle Center, HK$5 each


Anonymous said...

cute outfit....I especially love the touch of red necklace!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

thanks thanks, it's my favorite cheap necklace. it jazzes up any outfit :)