Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Chinese New Year Outfit

Event: Chinese New Year Eve Family Dinner
Venue: Seribu Rasa, Jakarta, Indonesia. A chic family-style Indonesian-Chinese restaurant
Outfit planning:
- Something with some reds, the auspicious color for Chinese New Year (the top, the headband and the shoes)
- Something not too hardcore Chinese (plaid cotton top instead of embroidered silk with Chinese pattern)
- Not too glam, not too casual (dressing down with cotton top, dressing up with chiffon skirt = balance)
- Comfy, there should be room for lotsa food (stretchy belt)
- Shoes I could maneuver myself in from the parking lot up the stairs of the dining hall (shoes borrowed from my sis)

On me:
- Chinese plaid cotton top from Ladies Market, HK$69
- Black stretchy belt with gold buckle, H&M, remixed
- Black chiffon tiered skirt, Zara, remixed
- Red peep toe shoes, borrowed from my sis
- Red cotton bow headband, borrowed from my sis
- Black vintage Cartier bag (not shown, maybe later hehe), borrowed from my sis
- Gold ring, H&M, remixed

Kung Hey Fat Choi. May the ox bring you more fabulousnesses!!!

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