Monday, January 12, 2009

My Recent Loot

Sale, sale, sale everywhere...what a girl to do?

A recent trip to H&M yielded the above blings:
- Chunky ring, gold frame surrounded by "diamond" studs = HK$39 - 70% off = HK$11.7
- Chunky ring, silver frame, black "stone" = HK$39 - 70% off = HK$11.7
- Chunky bangle, gold frame, white jewels = HK$39 - 70% off = HK$11.7
- Chain cream + gold necklace = HK$59
- Gold chain with floral locket = HK$39

and a trip to Bonjour cosmetics yielded the following nail color:

- Solid black nail polish = HK$8
- Transparent black and glitter polish = HK$8
- Revlon top coat = HK$15

Dark nails in Hong Kong are so now. Even I was tempted enough to go through all of the troubles and did my nails.

Too bad pretty nails and cooking don't exactly mix. Now they are all chipped from all the chopping. Sigh. With pretty nails, I should only "cook" this (if you could call that cooking).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love your black nail polish...I am not into nail polish but when I saw your nails, I thought, " I should try this color..."...keren abisnya!