Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blinding Ourselves Watching Solar Eclipse July 2009

When we heard that we'd be able to see partial solar eclipse from Hong Kong, we were cool.
None of us prepared and purchased the special "glasses" to view the eclipse.

But, when we heard that the next one will only happen after 300 years?
We all went nuts!

These bizzarre things happened at work this morning, around 9.30am.

We were trying to see the eclipse.
We heard that we should not look at the sun directly, it will blind us.
A colleague cleverly brought a video recorder, thinking that we could view the eclipse through it. Na ah, we were wrong. All we could see was the summer sun, as bright as always.

Another brave colleague tried to take pictures of the eclipse using his DSLR, even bravely risking blindness viewing the sun through the viewfinder...aiyaaa!
Finally he utilized the live view function of the DSLR, and yet...we couldn't see or capture the eclipse....

When I was young, there was moment where we could see a total solar eclipse in Indonesia, and we were told to see it from the reflection on a bucket of water. Luckily, before I tried to gather some water in my coffee cup to view the eclipse, another colleague saved the day.

It works! We could see it! We could see it! and we aren't blind!

What the heck was that? What were they using to view the eclipse?

Chips/snack wrapper.
It's simple, easy to get, and effective.
But above smells delicious. ^_^

Ever so creative, M tried to record the eclipse using the foil as a filter for his DVD recorder.

It was a good fun. See you again in 300 yrs! ^_^

More info on the solar eclipse here and find out a better way to view it here.


Jackie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog - that's one of my fave dresses, too =)

Loving your two blogs, and also you're in HK! So jealous because I haven't been for aaages. Craving some shopping, food and bar time! Love your outfits - very chic!

Jax x

Mochachocolata Rita said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for dropping by...gimme a shout if you're in town, okie? we'll shop til we drop and partee like there's no tomorrow :p