Friday, July 24, 2009

Fashion Sightings - Matching Handbag & Shopping Bag

I am fascinated by another TV program, Kawaii TV. The show (currently shown on TVB's J2 channel) is dedicated to everything that's hip and hot in Japanese fashion and lifestyle. All the cutenesses, the pink, the lace, the bling bling, the kawaii look, the hip hop goddess look, the princess look, the lolita look, the punk look, the school girl name it, they've probably done an episode on it.

The show totally blew me away.
Why? How?

It is amazing to see all kinds of efforts went into everything cute, adorable and beautiful, down to every single tiny detail. Have you ever seen a crystal studded golf club? Golfers dressed head to toe in adorable shades of pastel colors? Girls who are unemployed, yet carrying expensive branded bags?

The dedication on everything beautiful was so serious, that the Japanese government felt the need to assign a bunch of officials to study this lifestyle, and appointed official ambassadors of princess lifestyle, lolita lifestyle and school girl lifestyle. Oh my gawd!

What's even more amazing was, seeing how the Kawaii fever has invaded not only Japan and Asia, it's pretty much a global phenomenon! There are girls in the UK walking around dressed in Lolita outfits, girls from the US who went to study fashion in Japan, fully dressed in Kawaii gear, Caucasian girls who desperately wanted to look Japanese...


In one of the episodes, I learnt about how the always cute and adorable Japanese girls match their handbags and their carrier/shopping bags. I never thought of that and generally went ahead and grab the most practical shopping bags.

Today, I've seen one in action. The lady in the picture was dressed in a conservative black and white office wear, which was lovely...and she was carrying an adorable robin's egg blue handbag, with a matching shopping bag! Looks kinda cute. Loving it!

I should try matching my handbags with my shopping bags too.

I'm expecting a big hole in my pocket soon ^_^

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