Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exercise Outfit - Embarrassing?

What do Hong Kongers wear to group exercise classes, generally?
Mostly brand named outfits...adidas, nike, younameit, theywearit.

What do I wear to group exercise classes?
Same outfits I'd wear to sleep.
- comfy, roomy, old cotton tee
- comfy, roomy, old cotton pants
- generally in bold colors & embarrassing patterns (people openly laugh at my "I LOVE ME" pants a lot)
- cheapest nike kicks possible (I started loving nike after joining Nike Rockstar Workout)

Most people change before and after exercise, I don't.
I wear whatever embarrassing, hideous outfit I wore in public and go home to shower.
How could I?
Well, I hate lugging around clothes to change and toiletries. Sorry for those who had to see and sniff me after work out...too bad! :p

Anyway, did you notice that no make up beats after workout glow?

Top = Pumpkin tee from Bossini, HK
Bottom = I LOVE ME cotton lounge pants from Nevada, Jakarta
Shoes = Nike
Gym bag = Nike
Work bag = H&M

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I love how free-living this ensemble for the gym is!!!