Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Your Worst Nightmare, My Ultimate Fantasy - Life Is No Fair

*picture borrowed from Shigellavirus Infection*

Whoever did the above picture...GENIUS!

Although many of my friends and probably billions of fans worldwide would disagree or event fainted the moment they saw the above picture...but I kinda like the idea of my current hot idol fooling around with another boy ^_^

Staring admiringly into each other's eyes...
Fingers tracing each other's hands...
Moving strands of hair away from each other's face...
Faces get closer...
Hearts beat faster...
OK. I need more practice before I can write a good boy-to-boy porn, don't you think?

Call me a pervert :p, I like it!

It's my ultimate fantasy, while it's Athena's worst nightmare.

Call me silly, but knowing that there's something to look forward to every Monday and Tuesday 10.30pm at J2 always cheers up my start-of-the-week blues. Sous chef has been informed that the big TV shall be reserved within the specified periods for my hot boys gawking purposes. He can kill zombies with his friends the rest of the week.

Every happiness deserves to be shared, right? It is no fun screaming alone every time my hot idol appears on my large, high definition TV screen.

As my fellow hot guys worshippers aren't around every Monday and Tuesday, sous chef shall take their place and act as my girl friend.
I never expected him to admire the hot guys, I even felt happy when he gawk at the hot girls. Does he complain about having to watch the drama series with me?

You bet your ass he does.

What do I say every time I receive a complaint?
Don't I deserve two hours of your life?

He didn't say anything to that.

But today....
He asked "Since you've asked me to watch the goddamn drama series with you, can I ask you to play video games with me?"

I was flabbergasted, but still, I said no :p

Love or not, I ain't fighting no zombies.
Life is unfair, eh?

Read Joe's creative answer when Athena asked him to watch the drama series with her.


Athena said...

yeah.....the pic scared me... it is really my nightmare... please don't do this to my HJ.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

He'll probably enjoy it hehehe...he looked a bit too happy kissing kim bum in the drama LOL