Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Left for Dead - Zombie Xbox Party at My Place

Previously, in all of my parties, the girls always ended up gawking at hot boys, and the boys had no choice but to join and felt miserable all night, which explains their expression in the above picture...as we dominated the big TV, oohing and aaahing, encouraging our idols to take off their clothes (which unfortunately, never happened).

Don't judge them by their clothes, they may wear hot pink shirts and look so chic, but boys are boys. They don't enjoy gawking at other boys or seeing their girls acting all ridiculous, drooling over TV screens.

Last week...

...finally the boys had a chance to dominate the big TV! We tried to entice them with some food, which worked for a bit...but they went back to the game straight after food. Sous chef was dismissed from his regular dishwashing duties, as he was needed in the boys' war against zombies *rolling my eyes haha*.

I thought having a dream full of zombies = nightmare.
But for the boys, that's the sweetest dream!
*rolling my eyes again*

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Connie said...

The green skin is quite flattering...!