Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Weekends - How Do I Look Without Dark Liner

A dirt cheap yet super comfy cotton dress I got for just HK$29!
Bright blue with little white stars on it.

Perfect for hot summer weekends, simply throw some bright accessories to sweeten everything up. Yellow is always a great choice for me.

You know how I use dark eyeliner to give me some eyes (where there's none) might wonder how do I look like without dark liner?

Take a look at the above picture. I used a violet sparkly liner, and it looked like I had almost no eyes! Not good. I shall stick to dark colors in the future.

Cotton Dress, necklace = Kwai Chung Plaza
Shoes = IT sale
Belt = you can get these in Mongkok Argyle Center, Ladies Market or Kwai Chung Plaza
Bag = Mongkok Argyle Center

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