Friday, July 17, 2009

Surviving Sub Zero Office AC in Style

Is it really THAT cold? Yes!
The only item missing from my outfit to make it look as of this isn't summer is a pair of tights.

How do my workmate survive this localized winter?
- Wool cardigans
- Suit jackets
- Extra thick pashminas/scarves

How about me? Normally I wrap my woolen cardigan around my neck...or put on this vintage top and wear it as a jacket.

Love the "hairy" texture of the fabric, the ruffle details on the front, the gold buttons, the puffy sleeves, and how it is roomy enough to wear over any top.

Shirt = white cotton shirt from G2000
Jacket = vintage top, thrifted
Skirt = "snakeskin" cotton pencil skirt from H&M
Shoes = black pumps from Scholl

1 comment:

LyddieGal said...

Haha, I know just how you feel - one can never fully pack away the winter sweaters because on the first warm day the AC gets cranked to max!

Love the snake skirt by the way!