Thursday, July 16, 2009

Navy - Out to Lunch

I usually take my narcissistic pictures after work, when I got home.
I wouldn't be able to do that yesterday, as I'd change into one of my embarrassing workout outfit once the clock strikes 6:00 PM (a new deadline for cinderella).

So I did the photo taking during lunch time. A few shots in the elevator (luckily nobody else was there or they'd think I was nuts) and a few shots by Legco building, Central.

Top = Striped navy and cream cardigan with navy inspired buttons (too bad not visible here, will try to take detailed pics next time), from Kwai Chung Plaza
Dress = Cotton navy dress from Kuta, Bali
Necklace = from Kwai Chung Plaza
Wrist watch = Tag Heuer
Bag = H&M
Dangly bits for the bag = Primark, London
Shoes = Union, Mongkok
PS. Walking around central in heels = such a pain! I should've carried my commute-friendly flats


Jennifer said...

I really love this outfit, simple yet classy!!

gio said...

This outfit is so pretty, I love it!

Ashley said...

you look like a cute little sailor!