Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Home Decor Ideas - Framed Favorite Sayings/Quotes

I had an idea of framing my and SC's favorite sayings/phrases/quotes...ideally from Chinese and Indonesian background.

I asked SC to select his favorite phrases from a Chinese book, and he selected "Genuine gold fears no fire", which perfectly reflects one of his admirable traits. He is the kind of person who doesn't fear anything or anyone, when he fights for what he believes in. As for me, I have to learn to be more fearless. I wrote it with a gold pen, with a simple border that looks somewhat like fire on a plain black A4 paper and framed it.

I tried to search for some popular Indonesian sayings to post. Maybe it was me, but I was kind of surprised to see that relatively, there aren't as many positive ones as I expected. It was rather challenging to find a favorite.

Worst one:
Hidup segan, mati tak mau = very badddd

I was considering:
- Hemat pangkal kaya = being thrifty makes you rich
- Sekali tepuk, dua lalat = one hit, two mosquitoes
but they aren't quite right...

Finally, I temporarily settled with...
Pucuk dicinta, ulam tiba = wanting something (good), but getting more than expected. Sweet, eh?

Simply printed and glued on A4 paper, framed with cheap IKEA wood frames, rested on a shelf right above my TV.

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Jennifer said...

I love these!!!!!!!!!! What fab ideas and great quotes!!!