Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Floaty Grey & Favorite Necklace

Lately, there's something about grey that I love, especially this super pale and soft dove grey in delicate chiffon. Cool enough for summer, doesn't require a cardigan, perfect for work or play.

...and it looks good with my current favorite necklace...

I love it so much, I almost wear this with anything!

Top = from Lady Story, Yaumatei MTR station
Skirt = H&M
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur
Necklace = Kwai Chung Plaza
Watch = Tag Heuer


eunice said...

your necklace is incredible!! I love it too! and the top is so pretty....love the lace :)

Jennifer said...

How precious the necklace and that flowy frey top is beautiful!!!

Shinta Reinlie said...

I've been a lurker for sometimes, but I love your fashion style.
Jadi inget 2 toko online di sini, you might like it.
www.anthropologie.com (my favorite, especially buat dinnerware-nya. Lucu-lucu buat prop, tapi harganya ajubilah!)
trus www.modcloth.com, banyak yg vintage/vintage style clothing.
I'll leave my trail more ofthen from now on :) hehehehe

Ashley said...

Love it, you look almost angelic :)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

eunice and jen...hehe thanks! i love that necklace...maybe a little too much

shinta, welcome! ^_^ awhhhh a dinnerware shop which will damage my bank account? i'd better stay away ya? hehehe gawattt
modcloth? yes...i am aware of the site, love love love it!

hi ashley, you made me blush! thanks so much for the kind words...