Monday, August 24, 2009

Babydoll Shirt Dress That Scored Me A Seat on A Train Ride

I've been offered a seat again!
How nice it is to see how kind people in Hong Kong are...


I was wearing the blue version of this babydoll shirt dress, carrying a few bags worth of loot, minding my own business...and a guy, who was seated in front of my eyed me for a while, then stood up and offered me his seat.

Mortified, I refused to seat (it would've been easier if I just took the seat). An auntie who was standing beside me gave me a careful once over, squinted her eyes for a few moments, and then offered another older auntie behind her to sit. This older auntie gave me a once over, shot me a look full of pity, and insisted that I should sit. I said no again.

The younger auntie finally said to the older auntie "Won't you just sit? She's a young girl (thanks!), she can manage standing up!"

Oh gosh....a dress that caused a full drama involving 3 or more people on a train ride?

I'm never wearing it without a belt ever again!!!

So I've belted the orange version this morning and hope there'll be no more MTR seat drama. I threw a pair of shades to combat the damaging summer UV rays.

Shirt dress = FCUK sale, HK$1xx (forgot the exact amount, I have both blue and orange)
Shoes = Argyle Center, HK$79
Belt, Bag & Shades = H&M, all below HK$200

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Jade said...

This dress looks fantastic on you! I scored a seat on the subway today by carrying a painfully huge textbook. Normally, in my city, men will only get up for pregnant women..and sometimes the really feeble old people. This is my first comment on this blog and I'd like to say I love your humorous writing style.