Monday, August 31, 2009

Some 80s Trends

The 80s is back.
Ugh...I was damn ugly in the 80s.
So I wasn't really looking forward to this, but now I want acid wash jeans...skirt or pants...with updated cutting of course.
Still searching for the perfect piece.

I have an upcoming work party with 80s theme....
What should I wear people?
Should I channel Madonna? A desk of off highlighters?

Dress = Argyle Center
Tights = Kwai Chung Plaza, HK$39
Shoes = Gisele Bundchen from Ice Fire, HK$150


sisca said...

rambutnya janganlupa di crimp ya trus pake jambul yang tinggi banget
trus eyeshadownya biru2, lipsticknya pink2 gonjreng..

trus.. apalagi ya?
duh.. the 80s... good times!

Con said...

oh no. the 80s make me queasy @_@

Mochachocolata Rita said...

siscaaa dimana gw bisa crimp rambut seh ancur banget pas 80s

con, i gotta do better now than when how i did in the 80s