Friday, August 28, 2009

Oversized Tee & Bright Tights - A Look I Can Never Pull Off

Spotted this funky girl waiting for someone at a popular waiting spot, by the escalators of Times Square, Causeway Bay.

I love this look.
Effortlessly funky.
It's the kind of look I can never pull off.
I'd look super thick, super pregnant, and super sloppy.

So lemme just gawk at my lady....


Connie said...

it actually looks like you from that angle!

Jackie said...

I'm not a fan of the bright leggings/tights, to be honest. I always think they sort of make you look like you've got chicken legs or something.

But the oversized t-shirt is definitely a look I covet. I wear oversized shirts and occasionally t-shirts, but only ever with shorts and black leggings. And a belt. ALWAYS with a belt of some sort, or else I too suffer from the preggy look. Definitely not a good one when you're far from preggo!

Jax x

bloody said...

i love this look too, some people find it sloppy but i don't think that at all.
its soooo comfortable and one of my favorite looks right now, i bought some great oversized tunics from urban outfitters and have been loving them!