Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cool Girls Play Video Games

I am not a cool girl.
As I previously mentioned, I don't play video games, and even if I want to, I just can't.
There is no single cell of talent in my body and soul for video games.
I suck. Big time.

To pay back sous chef's company when I watch my Monday and Tuesday girly drama series, I decided (after a few days of nagging from sous chef) to give Left for Dead, the zombie game, a try.

How did I suck?
First attempt (lasted a few minutes):
- I had absolutely no idea where I was or where I was going
- My brain could not coordinate two operating buttons (one controls where I go, one controls where I look)
- The whole time, I simply pointed my gun at the ceiling, wondering where was everybody
- There was absolutely no difference between me being in the game or me just holding the control without doing anything

Second attempt (15 minutes after first attempt, lasted a few minutes):
- I still had absolutely no idea where I was or where I was going
- I learnt how to look and walk a little in the game
- I spent most of the time getting stuck in a corner of a room, when everybody else were killing zombies outside (smart move)
- I discovered that my brain operates differently from sous chef's. When I pressed the button down, I thought I was moving my gun up. He operates the other way around
- I managed to shoot a couple of zombies dead, by pure luck
- I only spent 70% of my time pointing at the ceiling, the other 30% was spent pointing/looking at the ground

Third attempt (next day after 1st and 2nd attempt):
- SC taught me a critical point = look before moving
- I learnt how to look for SC in the game
- I walked/run better in the game
- I didn't point at the ceiling/floor that much
- I knew how to "grab" guns/stuff from the table
- I managed to shoot a couple of zombies, still by pure luck, pointed and shot my "gun" randomly
- I still had absolutely no idea where I was and what I was doing

Moral of the story:
I think SC learnt a valuable lesson:
Don't ask her to play, she is hopeless

I am not a cool girl, and proud of it :p

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Elaine said...

I'm not good at video games either! I prefer the games that only come with one or two controls. Not like 10!!! Some of them are pretty crazy... clothedmuch.blogspot.com