Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Easy Geometry - Post Typhoon Greetings

Last year, we had 2.5 days off from typhoon signal 8 or above.
We haven't had any.

This year, the typhoons seem to have a pattern of reaching signal 8 during the night and gone in the morning. Last night was the second time!

It's probably great for the economy, financial market, the students who were waiting for examination results and those people whose income depend of each day's work, but cubicle dwellers surely didn't feel too happy.

The night before...
- Everybody were arguing that the typhoon would stay until today, each one quoting a source which they claimed to be more accurate than others
- Some people stayed up really late thinking they'd have a day off today
- Some people stayed up really late tracking the typhoon, wondering if they'd have a day off today
- Some people were planning what to do if they had a day off
- Some people already started feeling gloomy, almost feeling sure that they wouldn't have a day off today, but still refreshing HK observatory website every few seconds (the website is updated every hour la~!)
- Some people kept saying to themselves that there would be no day off today, hoping to get a reversed effect
- Some people were telling others to do a naked typhoon dance to make the typhoon stay (this person is not me!)

Despite everything, when I woke up from the bright sunlight this morning, I knew that I had to go to work.

I saw black and long faces everywhere, walking to the MTR station, buying breakfast, getting coffee, grabbing free newspapers, cursing the weather under their breath.

Here's a conversation I heard in the elevator this morning.
Man: Are you disappointed?
Woman: Very.

We all knew what they were referring to, and we felt it too *grin*

Ironically, I felt especially chirpy this morning, put on one of my old favorite summer dresses, belted it and headed to work.

My boss is gonna be out of town for a while. HAHA!

Dress = Lady Story, Hong Kong
Belt = Orange, Jakarta
Shoes = Vincci, Kuala Lumpur


Anonymous said...

Love your oufits! & I was very disappointed this morning too (even tho I knew work wouldn't be cancelled....) ><

Mochachocolata Rita said...

@alida, i was so disappointed, i could cry T_T hehehe

Ines said...

such a lovely dress :)